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Basecone was designed to make your accounting life easier. Working with it should be simple, intuitive and user-friendly. To help you get the best out of Basecone, we offer online demonstrations on a regular basis. Choose a time that works for you and we will show what Basecone can do for your organisation.

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Webinar Working with Basecone

In this webinar we will guide you through the full Basecone process, from uploading documents to digitally booking transactions. We will give you tips and tricks so you can hit the ground running.

Louise Prophet
Martin Patmore
Charlotte Baldwin
Calum Chityal
Calum Chityal
Safia Hafidah
Safia Hafidah
Hassan Babu-Fatih
Hassan Babu-Fatih

The Basecone team

Friday: 11:00 AM

Real time. Efficient. Effortless.

Smart processing, scanning & matching, approving and booking of documents

Online archive

Basecone is a 100% cloud solution: always available online. All your documents will be stored safely in Basecone for 10 years.

Real-time processing

Documents are processed into Xero or Twinfield in real-time. In addition, saved posting rules help to create a flawless booking process.

Controlled Workflow

The Basecone Workflow gives you full control over your document flows and prevents invoices from being paid without approval.