Real time. Efficient. Effortless.

Smart processing, scanning & matching, approving and booking of documents


Process your documents digitally.

It has always been Basecone’s mission to make the lives of accountants and bookkeepers easier. Now it’s become a real standard for processing documents digitally. Invoices and other documents can be uploaded, reviewed, approved and booked into connected accounting systems quickly and easily.

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UBL-ready. Set. Go!

Since we started supporting UBL(Universal Business Language), we’ve processed over 100,000 UBL documents. Processing and booking UBL documents saves time and gives you instant accuracy on booking rule level. Basecone is UBL-ready!

bascene is ubl ready

The benefits of Basecone


Everything in the cloud, always accessible

Basecone is a 100% cloud solution: always available online, using our web application and smart mobile apps. Upload, review, approve documents and submit your expenses – whenever and wherever you are.


Upload your documents quickly and easily

You have several options to get your documents into Basecone: upload them via the web application, send them in an email to a dedicated, personalized Basecone address, or on the go, using our mobile app Basecone Spenser.


Online archive

Keeping your data safe, meeting data retention requirements. All your documents will be stored safely in Basecone for 10 years, thus meeting current data retention requirements.


Split and merge invoices

No need to split your documents before uploading them to Basecone. Create one stack of paper of all of your invoices and receipts and upload them in one go. Use the split and merge option to create new documents or merge pages to one single document.


Efficient and controlled Workflow

The Basecone Workflow gives you full control over your document flows and prevents invoices from being paid without approval.


Real-time processing

Documents are processed into your accounting system in real-time In addition, saved posting rules help to create a flawless booking process.


Various transaction types

Basecone offers various transaction types. This provides you with the possibility to book sales invoices or maybe even a Journal booking. This way there is always a document as ‘evidence’ behind each and every transaction.



Seamless. This is the best way to describe our integrations. We integrate with Online Applications such as Twinfield, Exact Online and Unit4, but also with offline application such as AccountView (VISMA). Always delivering a real time experience and seamless integration.


Mobile App

Use our mobile app designed for iOS and Android. Take a picture of your invoices and receipts and process them immediately in your accounting system. All invoices and receipts can be found on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.


Your document hub

Basecone is your own document hub. Upload and organise your documents, lookup, authorise, book and process invoices easily to various online accounting systems. Process invoices to an ERP of financial system? Not a problem, your document hub makes it easy and efficient.


Book multiple documents

In Basecone you have a excellent overview of the status of your documents. You will see all documents that are ready for booking. By applying the available columns and filters functions, you can get a better overview of the documents to be booked. It’s also possible to book multiple documents at once.


Extensive integration and partnerships with leading online accounting software providers: