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Basecone Spenser

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The Basecone Spenser app

Download the app now from the App Store or by Google Play!

Submit and process your expense claims easily to Basecone!

Useful features:

  • Quickly and easily upload invoices to Basecone.
  • Real-time connection to the Basecone web application.
  • Take a clear and sharp picture of receipts and invoices.
  • Use the app to submit expenses.
  • Add your own photo’s to an expense claim.
  • The app is constantly being developed and provided with new features.

Submit and process documents, invoices and expense claims

Submit documents: Select the required administration, make a photo of your receipt or invoice and add a tag. Upload and send it directly to Basecone.
Expense claims: Submit your expenses quickly and easily and send directly to Basecone. Forget lost receipts and complicated Excel spreadsheets. Everything is organised for you in Basecone.
The expense module: Upload a photo of the receipt or invoice, make your expense claim. When you send the expense claim, it is ready in Basecone as a UBL (Universal Business Language)  invoice, ready to be booked.

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5 benefits of using Basecone Spenser


Forget lost receipts and complicated Excel spreadsheets and get organised. Put everything on your phone and upload it directly via Basecone.


Instead of asking for receipts, accountants can offer their clients an easy and efficient way of working together.


Basecone Spenser allows you to easily add pictures of receipts to your expense claims.


Collect a number of receipts together and submit them with a single swipe – Basecone makes it simple.


Set billing rules for each cost category to eliminate errors and make booking expenses in Basecone easy for end-users.

Save up to 80% of your time by using Basecone Spenser.

Take a picture

Basecone Spenser allows you to easily add pictures of receipts to your expense claims

Upload invoices

Claim your expenses in an instant and on the go, using your smartphone

Expense claims

Always access your most recent receipts and invoices


Submit the expense claim to Basecone and get it processed as a Universal Business Language invoice