Fast, secure and efficient software for SME’s

Always and everywhere a real-time overview of your bookkeeping

Extensive integration and partnerships with leading online accounting software providers:

What are the advantages
for you as an SME?

Utilising system learning, Basecone will recognise and automatically code your invoices for you to review and post into your bookkeeping software at the click of a button.  The Basecone Flux app ensures that invoices cannot be paid without proper approval.


Documents are stored on a secure platform on the cloud.

Unique Selling Points of Basecone

Insights and control

Real-time insights on the status of your documents

Expense claims

Easily submit and book expenses

Online archive

All documents are safely stored for 10 years

Mobile apps

Mobile apps for invoice submission, expenses and invoice approvals


Always and everywhere
in control

The Basecone workflow module enables you to be in control of your invoices.  Combined with Basecone Flux, invoices can be approved or rejected any place, any time, reducing the waiting time for both you and your colleagues.


Basecone Flux enables you to see all details required to approve an invoice, including the invoice image and General Ledger coding, on any mobile device.  Simply swipe to the right to approve the invoice, or to the left to reject it.

Fast, simple and full control over your invoices