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per month for 1 company (minimum of 10 companies)

Unlimited number of transactions and documents – Fair use policy applies



per month for 1 company

Maximum of 2.000 transactions per annum*


  • Basecone is a 100% cloud solution: secure and always available online

  • Including use of the app Basecone Spenser, submit your expenses and automatic processing and approval of expenses

  • Connect multiple accounting systems from a single Basecone workspace

  • All your documents will be stored online for 10 years (next to invoices and/or receipts)

  • Documents are processed into your accounting system in real-time

  • Optional: Basecone’s Workflow Module, including the use of the app Basecone Flux

When having multiple companies active on Basecone, the maximum number of transactions will be added up, this way it is possible to spread the usage of the total number of transactions over the activated companies. You can activate all companies within one Basecone environment and not having to worry about exceeding out maximum. If this happens by any chance, don’t worry – we will contact you and make sure we find the right price for you.

Do you want more? Check out our workflow module


Easily and quickly review your invoices + Always in control

+ £4.50

per user per month

  • Better control the approval process from recording the invoice until payment

  • Up to 6 people for approval

  • Add comments to invoices, receipts and expense claims

  • Full audit trail and 10 years online availability of all documents, invoices and expense claims

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