Basecone has developed itself over the years as a major player in the market. A new phase has arrived; preparing Basecone for further growth in scalability, performance and innovation. Through our new mission “We give back time to the accountant” and the various strategic initiatives linked to this, there will be significant acceleration the coming months and years which will make our customers even happier. In this blog, Wouter van Rheenen, Head of Product at Basecone, gives a glimpse into what’s cooking in his kitchen.

We give back time to the accountant! Here’s how we’re going to do it!

The strengthening of our team means that we can really accelerate. The experience of our customers in using Basecone is essential in this. Our Product Owners and UX designers gauge user needs through co-creation sessions, 1-1 interviews and online sessions. As Basecone, we see great opportunities to take our acquired market position within the digitization of invoice processing to a higher level.

Our focus for the coming year is on:

  • Robotic accounting
  • Making Basecone data transparent & shareable
  • A new mobile app

automatisch boeken in basecone

Robotic Accounting

An important theme for the coming period is smart automation. In every step of the process (from delivery, booking, authorization to archiving) we reduce the number of human actions to the absolute minimum so that invoices can be fully processed automatically. We do this, among other things, by smartly dealing with technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Basecone will be giving UBL an extra push in the coming years. We want to take a pioneering role in automatic UBL processing. Standardization will eventually lead to more automation and Basecone wants to take the lead in this together with its customers. Simultaneously we also see that PDF will not disappear from the stage in the coming years. Therefore, Basecone is fully committed to automatic processing of both PDF and UBL invoices.

The aim of these developments is that our customers can shift the focus from administratively processing of invoices to managing exceptions in the process, for example, invoices from a new supplier or to invoices with an unusual amount.

sneak preview van het automatisch boeken in basecone

Sneak preview: it will soon be possible to fully automatically post invoices in Basecone based on criteria set by the user.

Making Basecone data transparent & shareable

In recent months Basecone has worked hard to set up a data lake, a central storage of data, in original format, from which analytical tools can work. A lot is happening in Basecone and with the data-collection we are able to help our customers organize their process and organization even more efficiently.

We have already shown this to some of our customers in the form of a PowerBI report and will soon take it a step further. The team has worked hard on a dashboard within Basecone, where customer analyses on recognition, matching and data quality are clearly displayed and because we believe in the power of data, we are also developing an API that allows customers to use this data in their own dashboard.

Other examples of smart data use are a new workload matrix and improved algorithms on recognition and posting rules. The data in Basecone helps our customers to organize their processes ever more efficiently. This is how we give time back to the accountant.

de basecone app

A new mobile app

The number of users of our mobile apps is growing fast. We see that entrepreneurs see a mobile app as an interesting channel to work together with their accountant. We also believe that if we deliver value to the accountant’s customer and invest in the experience of this mobile user, it will make the accountant’s digitization process easier.

We are therefore working hard on a new Basecone app that will replace our existing apps Flux and Spenser and we are even going one step further. The new app will be modular so that extra functionalities can be added as we go from one step to the next.

So, there are many changes on the way and all this in a new look! We are working hard to give our entire web interface a major update in 2020 and this will result in making it even easier to work with Basecone.

That Basecone is a success is evident from the positive customer ratings that we receive year after year and the international interest in the use of our software. We improve what we are good at and always keep close ties with new and existing partners to make the customer experience even better.

Wouter van Rheenen
Head of product