A Swapfiets, you’ve probably seen one. The bike with that distinctive blue front tire. A rental bicycle on a subscription basis, never to the bicycle repair shop, but to be completely unburdened.

What once started in 2014 as a good idea among friends, a solution to a problem she was struggling with herself, has grown into a large company. Started with 40 bicycles, today Swapfiets has more than 200.000 members. Spread over 50 cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Today, more than 1.300 people work at Swapfiets.

In 2016 Swapfiets noticed a substantial growth, which necessitated professionalization, including the financial administration. The choice soon fell on Basecone as a means to digitize the increasing invoice flow. With so many locations across the country, at that time mainly focused on the Netherlands, an easy delivery process was the key to efficiency.

Digital invoice processing and in particular the diversity in delivery within Basecone is experienced as very pleasant. For example, digital invoices received by e-mail are immediately and automatically forwarded to Basecone. Employees use the Basecone app on the go to deliver their receipts and paper invoices, especially useful when traveling.

“The recognition within Basecone is a great advantage for us. Basecone already finds a lot and puts it ready for us, so that we can work faster. The link with Exact Online is real-time, so now booked is immediately visible in the accounts. This makes working with this combination top!”

Moniek Noya van Delzen, Financal Administrator at Swapfiets

The ambition is to become one of the leading players in micro-mobility, which is why Swapfiets is expanding this year to London, Milan and Paris. New markets are also being explored, so they focus on the business market with Swapfiets for Business and they are looking for new electric vehicles to broaden the choice.

swapfiets basecone

Dirk de Bruijn, Martijn Obers and Richard Burger, co-founders of Swapfiets
(Photo: Ernst de Groot)

The popularity of Swapfiets has now also expanded enormously outside the Netherlands. Reaching this milestone of 200,000 customers strengthens our ambitions to grow further. We see many opportunities now that more and more people are leaving their cars and the red carpet is being rolled out for bicycles in major European cities.”

Richard Burger, Co-Founder at Swapfiets

It goes without saying that Basecone’s digital invoice processing moves with the growth and development of this scale-up. For example, Swapfiets started using authorization management in 2019. Writing signatures on paper was really no longer an option, if you have so many locations in so many countries. Printing digital invoices for a signature is at odds with the social commitment that Swapfiets aspires to. In addition, envelopes with invoices are lost or missing in the mail. Payments must be made quickly and efficiently and must not be delayed by missing signatures. Just as it should not be a day job for the administration to find out where, in the process or location, the invoices are located.

Here too Basecone offers the solution. Invoices are offered digitally for signature. Employees can give their approval wherever or whenever and this is ideal for each app. The financial administration has a clear overview of invoices to be authorized. By making authorization mandatory, no invoice payment will go out without checking. This ensures correct and complete administration, which complies with the audit trail.

The efficiency improvement does not stop here, however, because this year too we are again looking at further optimization of the work processes. For example, the validation overview to book in bulk is not yet sufficiently applied. Just like the automatic assignment of invoices for authorization. Basecone supports this thanks to live and / or online sessions and further development within the software.

“Thanks to Basecone, we can also rely on continued growth on Finance. How great is it that we can do more work with the same number of people.”

Moniek Noya van Delzen, Financal Administrator bij Swapfiets

basecone swapfiets

Danielle Buunk
Partner Accountmanager