Efficient pre-accounting software for accountants

No lost invoices, and always up-to-date bookkeeping

Extensive integration and partnerships with leading online accounting software providers:

What are the advantages
for you as an accountant?

Invoices and documents are easy to find within Basecone, for both you and your client.  No more searching for lost or miss-filed source documents.


Utilising system learning, Basecone will recognise and automatically code your invoices for you to review and post into your bookkeeping software at the click of a button. Work collaboratively with your clients throughout the tax period, reviewing and posting incoming documents on a regular basis, reducing the tax period end peaks.

Wat zijn de voordelen voor jou als accountant?

Unique features of Basecone

Safely stored in the cloud

All documents are stored on a secure place, for 10 years

Mobile apps

Your customer is able to submit invoices and expenses, at any time and any place

Always a good overview

Real-time insights on the status (tagged, booked, authorised) of the invoices and documents

Save time

Gain efficiencies by leaving the coding of transactions to Basecone

Ga voor een paperless office

Move to a
paperless office

Your documents and invoices are always available at any time. The documents are safely stored for 10 years in our cloud solution.


Basecone takes the security and availability of your data very serious and we respect your privacy. This is on top of our mind, day in and day out.

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