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Smart processing, scanning & matching, approving and booking of documents


Basecone provides an efficient and controlled workflow

Stressful month end? Not sure if all invoices have been approved and processed? Still waiting for physical signatures for some approvals? Make it easy on yourself and enjoy the benefits of Basecone.

New! Control your authorisation flow and assign invoices automatically to the right users. Get the document approved (or rejected) and monitor the whole process carefully. It’s all in there.


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The benefits of Basecone

Real-time processing Documents are processed instantly in accounting software applications such as Twinfield, Exact Online, Unit4 and Visma-AccountView. In addition, saved booking rules help to create a flawless booking process.

Efficient and controlled workflow The Basecone Workflow allows you to control the flow of documents and prevents invoices from being paid without approval.

100,000 companies connected to over 1,800 accounting firms

Our mission: to make accounting as simple and efficient as possible!